[(Fascinating Birds)] [ By (photographer) Markus Varesvuo ] [July, 2012] par By (photographer) Markus Varesvuo

[(Fascinating Birds)] [ By (photographer) Markus Varesvuo ] [July, 2012]

Titre de livre: [(Fascinating Birds)] [ By (photographer) Markus Varesvuo ] [July, 2012]

Éditeur: New Holland Publishers Ltd

Auteur: By (photographer) Markus Varesvuo

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By (photographer) Markus Varesvuo avec [(Fascinating Birds)] [ By (photographer) Markus Varesvuo ] [July, 2012]

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Bird photographer extraordinaire Markus Varesvuo has picked his 100 favourite species, and in this sumptuous book they are illustrated using his stunning camerawork and shown as never seen before by readers. Markus has selected the very best images from the thousands he has taken over the decades, and in the accompanying text he explains why they are so special as well as the stories around them. Species covered range from the spectacular Golden Eagle that adorns the front cover through more familiar wildfowl and garden birds to eye-catching owls and exotic bee-eaters. "Fascinating Birds" showcases 150 amazing photographs of birds in the wild. The book is a celebration of birds that is sure to captivate any bird lover or wildlife photography enthusiast.